Hello folks, and welcome to the Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition with the Keep On The Shadowfell published adventure module. This adventure should take the party of players from 1st through 3rd level or come very close. Depending on how things go, we could launch into the next module in the series or simply take off into further adventures of my own design.

The goal during this adventure is mainly to learn the rules and get a feel for how 4E can be played. Expect a few rough turns or potholes along the way as I learn the system alongside the group’s players. Rather than focus on creating story and drama, most of my focus will be learning to manage the logistics of running a play group for 4th Edition. The good news is that once this is over my attention should be free for more important things and the game would hopefully become even more fun (hey, at least for me!)

Good luck!

Intro to 4E

Ryalla Lunarhound SPQR