• Balgron the Fat

    Balgron the Fat

    Presumable task master of the goblins underneath Sir Keegan's old keep
  • Irontooth


    Fiendishly tough goblin boss of a tribe of kobolds living in a secret lair southeast of Winterhaven
  • Kalarel


    The mysterious author of several notes bearing instructions for those menacing the town of Winterhaven.
  • Lord Padraig

    Lord Padraig

    Lord of Winterhaven
  • Ninaran the Huntress

    Ninaran the Huntress

    Elven huntress who trades in Winterhaven
  • Old Man Eilian

    Old Man Eilian

    Old farmhand and most loyal patron at Wrafton's
  • Salvana Wrafton, Innkeep

    Salvana Wrafton, Innkeep

    Innkeeper of Wrafton's Inn
  • Sir Keegan

    Sir Keegan

    Late Lord of the keep upon the Cairngorm Peaks
  • Valthrun the Prescient

    Valthrun the Prescient

    Middle aged sage and scribe of Winterhaven