Artistic Eladrin elder


In my youth, I spent many years studying at Eladrin academies. Like all Eladrin, I learned an appreciation for art, poetry, proper formal etiquette, and ancient history, and I enjoyed the exchange of ideas in the academy. I focused most on art and Eladrin history.

I married my dear husband Peran when I was in my eighties. We had a long and happy marriage, Peran was also a scholar and we spent many contented years studying Eladrin legend and lore. As I’m sure you know, Eladrin academies can be cutthroat behind all the polite words, but we did our best to have a peaceful life away from the politics. We had the chance both to mentor young students and to study under great minds, which is the Eladrin scholar’s goal, just like the proverbs illustrate.

Despite my eye for aesthetics, and my years studying painting techniques and art history, I found that I’m really a mediocre artist in an Eladrin city of great artists. The Eladrin academies attract the most talented in many disciplines. While I have written several minor texts on art history and criticism, I have yet to create the kind of work of art that will outlive me. I still hold out hope that my masterpiece is the future, just like the ancient Eladrin prince, Alonaar, who had his great victory at the battle of Delaan in his old age.

When Peran passed away, I was heartbroken. I decided to leave the city to see more of the world, instead of creating more self-referential Eladrin art. I also wanted to be someplace that didn’t remind me of my dear husband. It is not always easy to travel without the trappings of civilization, like fine wines, silver servingware and delicate painted china, but I do my best to maintain polite, attractive standards when possible, and not to complain when those standards are impossible.

Shortly after setting out on my travels, I met a young elven girl called Thia. Obviously she’s not the right age to be my daughter, and she doesn’t look at all like me, but, well… I suppose my mind must be slipping in my old age, but I do see her in such a daughterly way. She is talented and independant, although I fear there is a bad romance in her past. One of my goals is to see dear Thia married to a nice young man who appreciates her unique talents, although I probably won’t mention that to her. I had such a wonderful marriage that I can’t really understand that dear girl’s issues with men.

We also met up with some other adventurers. Eothan needs to watch his profanity, and his table manners leave something to be desired, but he’s really a good man, deep down. Perhaps it’s the time spent in the horrors of war, and away from polite society that have so corrupted him.

I have had many long talks on religion with our young cleric, Belmont. When we’re in town, the young ladies seem to have an eye for him but he has his mind solely on Behomet. Or he is being very discreet.

Ulric is a well-educated boy from a good family. I wonder if he is descended from the human Von Heinrich who wrote such excellent lyric poetry a few centuries ago. Eothan has taken the young boy under his wing, although I must say I hope his lessons don’t include foul language.

We have recently met up with a dragonborn, a stout fighter who hasn’t shared very much of her history. I must take the opportunity to ask her about dragon lore.


Intro to 4E Ryalla