Intro to 4E

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

After spending an entire day to lick wounds in the peaceful sanctum of Sir Keegan’s tomb guardians, everyone is ready return to the second underground level of the Keep to discover what awaits.

The Skullcleaver clan has refreshed their post at the entryway and a battle ensues as the group returns. The hobgoblins are utterly defeated. The mess area has been cleaned up of the previous hobgoblin bodies but otherwise remains empty and left unsecured.

A hallway is ventured into, but upon stepping into a hallway one of the stones springs a gate which comes crashing down, barring the way further. Another route is taken. This other route, however, leads down a dark hall into darkness. A sunrod is lit and everyone continues.

A huge room contains a very high ceiling and some curious furnishings. A towering statue of an armored man holds a sword aloft near the center of the room. Two large, menacing dragon statues perch on the floor in the corners of the other end. On a third side of the large room is a smaller adjoined room with a small cherub statue holding a vase in each of the four corners.

As the party moved into the room the statues came to mechanical life, swinging, blasting and drowning them as they were designed to do. Through hard work and some close calls, everyone, although beaten, manages to survive and crash into the next room escaping further injury from the mechanical devices.

...and land right into a darkened foyer bringing light onto the faces of many quiet zombies who seem to be standing previously quite undisturbed spread throughout the room.

The Adventure Begins

[This is a test to see if: #1 posts actually go in date order and #2 if I can edit posts for later. If so, this will become the first game session.]


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